SYSTEM CRASH AUDIO Professional audio production, without the professional pricing

Complete Production

More of a "full service" option. SC Audio will work together with you on your project to fully integrate the audio into what you already have to help you attain your goal. Whether you're developing a video game, mobile app or trying to release a new album, SC Audio is stoked to help! Service can include any or all of the following:

  • Track/Music Creation
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Voice Over Track
  • EQing and Mastering

Tracks/SFX Only

Maybe you've already got your production sound effects taken care of but just need some music to run in the background of the project OR you already have all of your music, but still need sound effects. This is just the ticket! We can work with the files that you already have to make sure we don't overstep any boundaries (frequency overload and leveling) to make sure any additions from SC Audio fit what you already have just right.

Custom Quotes

So you've already gone and recorded your tracks, but want to spice things up before release, or change the beat up, or simply add another genre to the album. Maybe you just want one loopable song and a massive set of sound effects. You might even just want a serene sound-scape created for your yoga workout. We can do any and all of that for (and with) you!

Recording (Under Construction)

We're still working on the right space to offer recording, but it's coming! We'll keep you posted! Feel free to contact us and we'll try to help you figure something out.

About SC Audio

SC Audio is a small and devoted production studio. The main focus is to ensure that you are involved in the entire production process to make sure that you're receiving exactly what you want. You call the shots while your custom tracks and sound effects are molded. No off-the-shelf tracks here.


The saying "use the right tool for the job" comes to mind. SC Audio utilizes all sorts of digital audio workstation software such as Reason, Maschine and Reaper as well as a handful of midi controllers, hardware and live instruments. The right tool is here, we just need to know what the job is!

The SC Audio Process

There is normally a lot of confusion that comes along with custom audio creation and licensing. Let me briefly explain the process here, and if you have any further questions, please contact me.

  • Contact SC Audio using the one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page.
  • Tell me what your goals are. Full tracks? Need them broken into loop-able sections? Need custom SFX? These are just a few things that we'll go over in our communications.
  • Tell me what kind of time frame you're on.
  • Listen to some of the things I'm creating. You can look at this as a "status check", so you'll hear what is being built for you and give the go-ahead to finish them up.
  • Receive your tracks and apply them to your project!

That's it, you'll be done and ready to move forward on your project or move onto another one.

I love to play and create. I love all kinds of music and am not afraid to step outside of my "bubble".

Ian Womack - Sound Nerd

Metal, country, dubstep, classical, hip hop, trap, DNB, alternative, down tempo, ethnic, techno... the list goes on. Whether it's a four on the floor pounder, or something to play during Yoga classes. We can work together to get the sound out of your head and into some speakers!

Ian Womack - Sound Nerd

"GET THE SOUNDS OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into your project"


Using some great software, controllers, instruments, voices and a little drive, we've been able to create some great products and build some great relationships with our customers. You can hear some of the tracks below or head directly to the SoundCloud profile.

Visit SoundCloud Profile


Targeting more of a dramatic/cinematic theme with these types of tracks. More for video game/television intros, cut-scenes and, potentially, gameplay.

Hip Hop

Some examples of beats I've designed for up and coming hip-hop artists. From dark and scary, trap to smooth R&B, I can throw a beat together for most styles. I've worked with local talent as well as people from other states/countries. If you can lay down vocals, I can handle the rest!

Ambient and Downtemp

It's just something I enjoy doing! Tracks to study with, max n relax to. If you can think of a reason you need it, I can make it!


Drum and Bass, dubstep, EDM to a bazillion other genres of the electronic age, I love to make it and it easily fits many game/cinematic circumstances.

Dungeon Slammers

Dungeon Slammers is a dungeon crawler mobile game with a billiards type game play coming out from Uncanny Works. Slam into your enemies and clear all the rooms in the dungeon to gain bucks to buy stuff and kill more baddies! It was a blast to work on!

Dungeon Slammers (Unleashed)

Once the original Dungeon Slammers tracks were completed, the developers asked for remixes to offer as additional downloads for lovers of the game (once it's released, that is).

Eros Defense

This was my first time working on a mobile app or game and it was a blast. Future based tower defense anybody? Snatch it on iTunes or the Google Play!


Really had a great time working with another developer while simultaniusly stepping into new genres. Check out Path Of Destruction on iTunes or the Google Play.

SYSTEM CRASH AUDIO - Professional custom audio production without the professional pricing, and we'll prove it.
Tracks or SFX Only $300

Four tracks


25 SFX

Loopable or singles

EQing and mix in

Complete Production $500

Includes all

Four tracks


25 SFX

Loopable or singles

EQing and mix in

Single Tracks $150

Royalty Free

Remixes Single Tracks

EQing on Originals

Sampling Singles

Voice Over

NO HOURLY RATES at System Crash Audio, and we'll stay in contact throughout the entire process! !

All pricing includes reasonable changes to tracks/SFX.